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Following on the success of my Naked Truth 1 I thought this was a good idea. I was about to have a throat operation and I was scared it might end up with me never recording again. I thought this might be the last opportunity. Fortunately my fears were unfounded. So. Here it is anyway. This time I decided to add my own harmonies and double up guitar here and there. It's alright I think. See what you think. That's what matters.

The Naked Truth (Volume 2) - Ian Bruce

  • Just don't return 'em. If ya don't like 'em..TOUGH! If it arrives bust buy another one!! I AM ONLY JOKING!.

    Let me know as soon as it arrives if it's damaged and I'll get another one to you. I trust you. I really don't need a broken one sent back.
    I hope you really do like the album! Ian

  • I ship these CD personally. They are sent first class in jiffy bags. I do not charge for packaging but I ask the standard British postal costs from here. My apologies. It can be quite expensive but I do not make up the prices nor profiteer on them. Thanks. Ian

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