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FRANK DECKERT...on himself


- Frank Deckert


- 12th January 1977


- Grundschule Uesen,

Orientierungsstufe Baden,

Realschule Achim,

Berufsbildende Schulen des Sekundarbereichs 2 in Verden Dauelsen, Fachgymnasium Ernährung und Hauswirtschaft;

Apprenticeship as a Fachkraft für Lebensmitteltechnik at Hachez (A very good Choclate Factory)

Studies of Food science (Lebensmittelwissenschaft & Germanistic) to become a teacher at a professional school in Bremen.


- Hans Joachim, Leipzig


- Rita Thea, Achim-Baden


- Susanne Kerstin Deckert, geb Springer


- One fantastic son and one beautiful daughter. (Lucky man)



At the age of 8, I decided to become a drummer. As a result of getting rid of all the recorders in the school orchestra, the glockenspiel became more and more fascinating. Hitting instead of blowing seemed more satisfying!


About the same time I joined the Spielmannszug Baden (a German special drum corps) and learned how to play the marching snare. My cousin, who was the drum master, was my role model. As well as the Glockenspiel I learned to play the Bass drum & cymbals but I was more and more fascinated by the Bongos, Timbales, Multi Tenor Drums and Concert Toms. And..... I really started to love Latin music.


In my schoolyears I was the founder of the “Orff Group”. We played lots of different styles using traditional percussion instruments; again focusing on Latin music.


At 16 I had saved enough money to buy my first Drumset and I joined the school band playing metalsongs from Judast priest, Guns`n Roses, Iron Maiden, etc. We were very bad but the girls didn't seem to notice. LOL!


Two years later I was the founder of a local cover band which lasted 16 years. We played really large stages like the Weserstadion and the Volksparkstadion Hamburg. In 2015, whilst still a member of the cover band, I became the Percussionist with Ian Bruce and Victor Besch (and Katharina Bramkamp). I really love to support them whenever it is possible.


As Katharina has already said in her biography, in November 2016, together we started Tammie Norrie, an "un"traditional Folkband. Great fun and the gigs are coming in now!!!!


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