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Young Territorial -

Released  2021

Firstly let me say that this album was released by Greentrax Recordings which is why it cannot be downloaded from my site.

Link to Greentrax site

Covid really struck us hard and all musicians lost their gigs instantly.

It was tough but I was busy in the studio. I am so proud of this recording.

As a result of my 1998 CD "Hodden Grey" which was dedicated to my father who had been the London Scottish Pipe-Major during World War 11, Maj. Rob Pitt was in touch to ask me to rework some of the songs from a wee book named "Grey Kilts" which was published by Duncan Tovey in 1918.

I could not wait and got on with it immediately.

Since embarking on this task I feel much closer to the dad I lost when I was 19. Thank you.

1. Ah'll Gie Ye A-Diddleo

2. Introduction (Maj. Gen. Alastair Bruce of Crionach OBE)

3. Inverness (Ian Bruce & Kev Green)

4. Soldiers In The Chapel (Maj. Rob Pitt)

5. Sandy's Conversion (Ian Bruce)

6. Sandy The Piper (Ian Bruce)

7. The Somme Offensive (Maj. Rob Pitt)

8. Halloween (Ian Bruce)

9. The Young Territorial (Ian Bruce)

10. In The Abbey (Charlie Milne)

11. The Big Drum Major (Ian Bruce)

12. That Auld Corps (Ian Bruce)

13. The Glenworple Highlanders (Ian Bruce)

14. Donald & The De'il (Ian Bruce)

15. Grey Kilts (Ian Bruce, Kev Green, Charlie Milne & John Blackwood)

16. Hey Hey For The Hodden Grey (Ian Bruce, Kev Green, Charlie                                Milne,  John Blackwood, Janet Weatherston & Fiona Forbes)

17. The Legend of Sheppey (Charlie Milne)

Ian Bruce - Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Mandolin & Percussion

Pete Clark - Fiddle

Gregor Lowrey - Accordion

Carol Jamieson - Piano, Backing Vox

Sandy Gibbs - Bagpipes

Sháun Blandford - Bass

Denise Crighton-Ward - Brass

Katharina Bramkamp - Recorders & Backing Vox

Alastair Morrow - Drums

Honesty Box

These days many listen on SPOTIFY or some other streaming service and no longer buy physical CDs.

The artist makes nothing when their album is streamed. 

Normally an album is bought once and lasts a lifetime.

I use SPOTIFY in the car but then I do still buy physical CDs.

A lot of heart, time and money goes into the making of albums.

It would be really appreciated, if you intend listening to my music on a streaming service, if you could make a small contribution via the DONATE button below.
THANK YOU. Ian. xxx

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