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Ian, who has been performing for over 45 years, is/was probably best known as a solo singer/songwriter. He's played many Festivals and Clubs throughout U.S.A. and Europe and has worked with many of the very best players in Scotland. 

He's played and recorded around 30 albums which contain his own work, songwriting collaborations, traditional & Robert Burns songs. All became very useful in forming the repertoire of the band. 

In Germany, Heidi Stagge, his agent at the time (1998), had the idea that he should join multi-instrumentalist, Victor Besch, to tour Germany. This duo very soon became very popular. They recorded two albums, the second of which was particularly warmly received. Above Wild Water was, in 2012, BBC Radio Scotland’s Album of the Week. 

Necessity, and possibly fortitude, is indeed the mother of invention! When Ian lost his unique, powerful and characterful voice in 2012. They had to make a very daring and desperate adjustment. They brought in Katharina Bramkamp, who also has a unique, powerful and characterful voice and had, up to now, been a big fan of Ian & Victor, literally 4 hours before the first gig of a tour. 

She was allowed to work from a lyric sheet at first. The audience were very sympathetic to their plight. She already knew the tunes. Miraculously Kath's vocals and utter talent locked with Victor Besch’s harmonies and the duo’s backing.

When Ian’s voice recovered, it was very evident that a strong three part close harmony band had accidentally emerged. Kath was asked to stay. She accepted.



Katharina had been singing adult songs in Choirs and school groups since she was 6 and very much encouraged by her family. She also learned recorder and guitar. She even reached no 2 in a Radio Luxembourg competition very early on. 

Victor Besch had a similar start. Mainly focusing on Vocals and Bagpipes but could play most things.


BRUCE, BESCH & BRAMKAMP were a very cosy and close trio...

Ian Bruce - Vocals, Guitars and songwriting. 

Victor Besch - Bagpipes, Accordion, Woodwind, Keys and Guitar. 

Katharina Bramkamp - Vocals, Recorders and Percussion.


They recorded two further albums together. Victor and Katharina helped with the songwriting too.




For these albums and some of the concerts they were joined by Frank Deckert on drums and percussion. Again, he was keen from a very early age and had that familial encouragement.



Sadly, Victor had been fighting cancer for many years. He remained mentally strong and right up until he succumbed to the disease on 2020 he gave his all. 

What were the band to do?

Well. Turns out that Frank has an incredible voice. Now they work as a trio and Frank takes a bigger role in the vocals. The harmonies are amazing!



Ian Bruce, Frank & Kath are playing songs from the very popular backlog of Ian Bruce and Bruce, Besch & Bramkamp with great success. EVERY CONCERT THEY'VE PLAYED HAS BEEN TO A FULL HOUSE!


They are working on a new batch of material. 

Come along to hear the old favourites and the chrysalises of the emerging exciting new songs. You'll all feel included.


Oh! And by the way you'll have a good laugh too!

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