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Children of Blue -

Released  2020

This is the last recording that Victor Besch made. Sadly he passed away 4 months after its release. 

It's a very very personal CD and even touches on what Victor will miss when he's gone.

This album was released near the beginning of a 10 gig sell-out tour in Germany.

We had a great time.

1. The Mouse Suite

2. Dancing at Whitsun

3. Cecilia

4. Children of Blue

5. Eulogy for Alison

6. The Wife

7. Out In The Wild Wood

8. Read It Again

9. Wenn Sich Die Riesen Prügeln

10. Idside Out Bolero

Ian Bruce - Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Mandolin & Percussion

Victor Besch - Vocals, Piano, Accordion, Recorder & Elect. bagpipes

Katharina Bramkamp - Vocals & Recorders

Frank Deckert - Drums

Thank you Vic especially for the enormous effort made in your last months.
We miss you.

Honesty Box

These days many listen on SPOTIFY or some other streaming service and no longer buy physical CDs.

The artist makes nothing when their album is streamed. 

Normally an album is bought once and lasts a lifetime.

I use SPOTIFY in the car but then I do still buy physical CDs.

A lot of heart, time and money goes into the making of albums.

It would be really appreciated, if you intend listening to my music on a streaming service, if you could make a small contribution via the DONATE button below.
THANK YOU. Ian. xxx

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