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Released  2022

Will H. Ogilvie was a well respected Scottish Borders poet in his own immediate land and Australia where he lived for ten years of his 93.
I did not know much about him but when I was approached to work with Auldkelty and Ian Lowthian on their Tale of Tweed project I jumped at it. Great poems, some by Ogilvie, and, as you might expect, great music from Ian Lowthian. 

Well. Then, a few years later I was approached again.

Well Roads Productions chose 18 Ogilvie poems they wanted put to music. I was very honoured to be tasked with that. 
The idea, I suppose was to work up the 18 tracks and we'd chose our favourite 12 for 
inclusion in "The Land We Love".

You can imagine my elation when all 18 passed muster and were included in the release.

1. Ho! For The Blades of Harden 

2. The Brown Burns

3. On Cheviot's Shoulder

4. Bowmont Water

5. Comfort of The Hills

6. Clydesdales

7. Ettrick

8. Song of Ettrick (Long Long Ago)

9. The Hoofs of The Horses

10. A Mother's Thought

11. North Country

12. The Raiders

13. At Sunset

14. Romany Town

15. Teviot

16. The Road To Roberton

17. A Scotch Night

18. The Land We Love


Ian Bruce - Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Mandolin & Percussion

Pete Clark - Fiddle

Ian Lowthian - Accordion

Bruce MacGregor - Fiddle

Honesty Box

These days many listen on SPOTIFY or some other streaming service and no longer buy physical CDs.

The artist makes nothing when their album is streamed. 

Normally an album is bought once and lasts a lifetime.

I use SPOTIFY in the car but then I do still buy physical CDs.

A lot of heart, time and money goes into the making of albums.

It would be really appreciated, if you intend listening to my music on a streaming service, if you could make a small contribution via the DONATE button below.
THANK YOU. Ian. xxx

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I believe that many of the resultant tracks will be a strong part of my set for the rest of my years.
I love this album.
Seems its buyers are very happy too.
Thank you all.

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