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My brother Fraser is the whole reason I ever picked up a guitar so blame him. He had recorded a couple of LPs way way way way back in the 1970s. 

He also ran many folk clubs back then. 

All the folkies who went on to make it big played his clubs. As Iain Mackintosh wrote in a song - some of them made it big and some of them made it small. Whatever, the folk clubs of the seventies around Glasgow were amazing. This album highlights some of the songs that almost became "Old Hat". These songs became regulars because they are bloody brilliant. We've had a go at revitalising them. Trying to take old songs to a new generation. To be honest, in the short time we played together it was more often a nostalgic trip for all of us who were there. (I was just a little too young to witness the development but I sure can feel it.

Auld Hat New Heids CD - Ian Bruce, Fraser Bruce, Gregor Lowrey & Pete Clark

  • Just don't return 'em. If ya don't like 'em..TOUGH! If it arrives bust buy another one!! I AM ONLY JOKING!.

    Let me know as soon as it arrives if it's damaged and I'll get another one to you. I trust you. I really don't need a broken one sent back.
    I hope you really do like the album! Ian

  • I ship these CD personally. They are sent first class in jiffy bags. I do not charge for packaging but I ask the standard British postal costs from here. My apologies. It can be quite expensive but I do not make up the prices nor profiteer on them. Thanks. Ian

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