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CrowdFunding Please Donate

I know this is falling at a time when everyone has a lot of expense and/or will be donating to charities for those in need. Please do not be swayed away from anything you may prefer to support. This is purely musical an hopefully important to those who enjoy my recordings.

I know that you will enjoy this one. Many of you will know it's been on the go for three years and for one reason or another it has been shelved.

My diary is very quiet so I see this as an opportunity to finish the recording. Nearly there.

If you don't mind supporting this "cause" then here is the link...

Thank you to those who have already donated time and/or funds. We really do have a cracker of an album to bring to you. Only then will I feel able to lift the phone and try to get myself some much needed work. 
The tracks are nearly all recorded but have to be finally mixed. I'm hoping to release by the end of January when the festive season is past.

Commiserations to all who knew and loved Rab Noakes. We were to record a track together last week but sadly he passed away in hospital. 

Everyone who donates £20.00 or more will receive a copy of the CD. Please make sure I have your postal address. Send it to


Here is a track and collaborator list in no particular order.........

The Earl o' MorayBarbara Dickson

Knight On The Road - Jez Lowe

Raglan Road - Noel Rocks

1913 Disaster - Stephen Quigg

Jimmy's Gone To Flanders - Jim Malcolm

Can't Help But Wonder - Alastair McDonald

The Last trip Home - Alan & Carole Prior

Gently Does It - Bob Fox

Together Forever - Allan Taylor

The Spinner's Wedding - Sheena Wellington

And We Sing - Flekkefjord Sangforening

Cloonaholly - Aleksander Mežek

Unicorns - Ian & Moe Walker

That Old Man's Song - Arthur Johnston

Billy Taylor - Artie Trezise

John Kanaka Ian, Frank & Kath

Going Down To Old Maui - Jim Mageean  

Sixteen Tons - Debra Lyn

And The Angels Sang Along - Grant Maloy Smith

Gresford Disaster - Paul Hutchinson

Where Do You Go To My Lovely - Gerry Ventilla

Childhood's End - Carol Jamieson

The Last Thing On My Mind - Kev Green

The Ballad of Johnny Ramensky - Fraser Bruce

Mornington Ride - Ragged Glory

Windmills - The Sangsters

Cod Liver Oil & The Orange Juice - Watt Nicoll

Norland Wind - Real Time

The Soldier Maid - Janet Weatherston

Games People Play - Marilyn Middleton Mellor

Stay Young - Mike Silver

The Last TrainIan Bruce

Whaur Tae Ye Gang Tae Oor Darlin'? - Gerry Ventilla

Together Forever Cover.png

Songs & Chat & Stuff Like That!...

Back Facebook Live Streams When I'm at home

These may often include Kev Green, who's been accompanying me on a gig or two recently. These are broadcast live online from my studio on my Profile Page. They're very relaxed. We've built up a bit of a family here.
Everyone is welcome. I'll try to give fair "warning" of each broadcast.


Annie was late. She'd been pruning her plum trees.We put her on "The Thinking Step". She's much more punctual now!

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