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So much has changed -

Here's how it works at the moment.....

Songs & Chat & Stuff Like That!...

Facebook Live Streams every Saturday and Sunday

These are broadcast live online from my studio every week.


They're very relaxed. We've built up a bit of a family here.


If somebody's missing we are concerned for them.


"Where's Kim tonight?" (He'd been in hospital you see!)


Turns out he was late because he was cooking ribs that night. (Again!)


It's a lovely atmosphere. Pop in and get to know us.. 

Annie was late. She'd been pruning her plum trees.We put her on "The Naughty Step". She's much more punctual now! very Saturday 19:00  & Sunday 18:00 (British Times)


I may have been in lockdow...

                                 but I was not idle.


In 1998 I released a CD called "HODDEN GREY"

It was a collection of Scottish songs chosen and produced by Dr. Fred Freeman. 

I dedicated that album to my dad who was the Pipe Major for the LONDON SCOTTISH Regiment during the Second World War.

Their regimental colour is HODDEN GREY, which is an un-dyed wool. That recording was very well received. However it did take about 17 years to be recognised by some of the squaddies in the regiment.

Their Major Rob Pitt was handed a copy by one of his boys who was comforting himself with it during the hard nights in the ongoing Afghanistan conflict. Maybe it helped hime sleep?? (Yeah. I know!)

Rob Pitt loved the album and got in touch with me. His meeting with the album coincided with his discovery of an old book, compiled by Sergeant Duncan Tovey around 1916. The book was titled "GREY KILTS" (a pet name for the regiment) and it was finally released in 2018 shortly after his death.

Rob knew that the tunes to these songs (if they were songs) had largely vanished in time.
He asked me to put new music to them in an effort to revitalise Duncan Tovey's work.
"YOUNG TERRITORIAL" is the result.
I am very proud of it. Please listen and love and certainly consider buying a copy.
It's a Greentrax release. Therefore you will not be able to download from this site. When I have the various links I will update here.
However, I can sell hard copy CDs. Please take a listen and order one NOW!. 
Yes. I do want the sale but I really think you'll like it. And I am not normally such a BIG HEAD!
I've already received many compliments. 

I hope you enjoy it.


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